Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lady MacBeth runs as Golda Meir

I watched Olbermann's interview with Lady MacBeth last night and heard her repeat her bravado about massive retaliation against Iran, should that country, which has not attacked any of its neighbors in centuries, attack Israel or any other nation in the Middle East. She should have just said that her membrum viri is much bigger than McCain's or that even though he has the endorsement of the apocalyptic psychopath John Hagee, she, if elected, will actually become one of the four horsemen.

While saberrattling against Iran, she had this to say about why that country must not acquire nuclear weapons:
In addition, if Iran were to become a nuclear power it could set off an arms race that would be incredibly dangerous and destabilizing because the countries in the region are not going to want Iran to be the only nuclear power so I could imagine that they would be rushing to obtain nuclear weapons themselves.
So, if Iran gets nuclear weapons, it would be the one and only nuclear power in the region? Huh? I can't imagine that after all those years of foreign policy experience that she always reminds us she has oozing out of her ears, she does not know that China, Pakistan, India--not to mention that country up to the north so huge that even American Teenage Beauty Contestants could not miss it--all are nuclear powers and have been for many years. And, of course, there is Israel, which everyone knows is the big nuclear power in the "region", if that "region" is the Middle East. It should come as no big shock that Iran may want nuclear weapons. Israel is known in "the region" as the country that will sic tanks upon little boys throwing rocks, bury alive a young unarmed woman for protecting a pharmacy with nothing but her own body, and use the rhetoric of pre-emptive defense to justify naked landgrabs. If such a ruthless nation has hundreds of nuclear warheads ready to launch at my nation, yeah, I can imagine that I would want at least one pointing at it. This has nothing to do with Islamic Fanaticism and everything to do with that desire universal to us all, regardlesss of confession, the simple desire to survive.

But, of course, no politician running for President may acknowledge this. Israel is a tiny, fragile country of poor, helpless Jews still recovering from the incomprehensibly unique anguish of the Shoah, and if we do not protect her, the bloodthirsty, goosestepping Islamofascists who surround her will unleash Holocaust II, and the tiniest deviation from this line will make you an anti-Semitic pariah. And that's worse than being called an unAmerican flag burner. Even Scalia says it is your First Amendment Right to be one, but questioning Israel is high treason because our sovereign is the Israel Lobby.

Clinton used to be known as that crazy, dangerous coddler of terrorists who hugged Arafat's Wife and had the temerity to call for a Palestinian State. Now she is posturing herself as the next Golda Meir. Hilary Clinton is an opportunistic, congenital liar. William Safire was right, even though he is a member of a whacko cult that brainwashes its members and spies on its detractors. No, not Scientology. The neo-cons.


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Wm. Christopher said...


have you been reading my brain waves?!

Truthful and lucid. Very nice.