Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weishaupt's Legacy

Herr Weishaupt may long be dead, but his minions are alive and well and working feverishly to remove the name of God from the Public Square and thereby ensare the soul of this great God-fearing nation for the everlasting fires of perdition! "In God We Trust", our country's motto of piety and humility towards our Creator--you know, that guy who has blessed us with our rights to watch cable television--, has been removed from the new dollar coin issued by the U.S. Mint this past February 15. Well, okay, not removed actually, but it is no longer on the face or the back where it could be easily seen for our much needed edification and spiritual uplift. The motto has been relegated to the very thin edge spelt out in very tiny letters which will be quickly worn down once circulated. This is outrageous! God is being pushed to the edge, and if Weishaupt's epigones have their way, and they will should we lose our vigilance for our freedoms, they will push God off the cliff entirely. Don't doubt the resolve of these godless termites. They will eat at our God-given liberties until we will be singing "The Internationale" before each game of our new national pastime, Soccer. Oh the horrors!

Yesterday evening I was in a newshop on Olive Street and witnessed a man purchasing a stack of hardcore pornographic magazines, each of which comes with a hardcore pornographic DVD, and he purchased them with paper bills, each of which has "In God We Trust" on it. So, if anything, "In God We Trust" needs to be put in much larger print. Oh, well. Annuit coeptis indeed.

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