Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'd really like to think that Obama is trouncing Clinton because of the latter's vote for the war, but I've seen too many Obama's supporters now not to suspect that support for Obama has become a substitute for bong hits. One guy walked in Subterranian Bookstore on Tuesday and exclaimed without any hint of face-saving irony, "Have you ever felt this much hope before?" "No, not since I was about to get laid sixteen years ago," I drily responded. "Yeah, man, Obama does that to you, doesn't he?" he said in pollyannish expectation of the Age of Aquarius.

Obama is a phony. True, he was against the Iraq War from the gitgo and deserves a bunch of credit for that. But, as Justin Raimondo has rightly pointed out, he is hardly anti-war. He wants to bomb Pakistan. Fine, that's the Clintonian distortion which missed Obama's always careful nuance. What he said was that if there is actionable intelligence, then he would bomb Pakistan. And he said that with his trademark intellectual ├╝berernestness. Yeah, well, anyone who has cast even a cursory glance at the history of "actionable intelligence" that our intelligence services have whipped up should realize that Obama might just well have said if his right pinky bends funny, he'll bomb Pakistan. Obama's qualifying nuance is as subtle as horseshit.

Yeah, Obama has said that he wants to get rid of the mentality that leads to disasters like the Iraq War. Really? Then we should at the very least re-think globalization which is a euphemism for corporate imperialism which uses American Might to open countries up for brutal exploitation of the market. That's pretty much why we're in Iraq, but His Obamaness has said that we can't shy away from globalization. More than that, he wants the occupation to continue with the new hot American export, mercenaries. The free market at work. The Chicago School of Economics would be proud, and Naomi Klein might well call Obama just another Chicago Boy. He does hail from the University of Chicago.

Having surfed various political weblogs, I am really astonished by how many cranks still think that Obama is a Muslim. I wish he were for if he were, then he would have had the fortitude to stand up to the Israel Lobby. All this worried talk about Obama being anti-Israel is caca. I wish it were so. I am not worried that Obama may be anti-Israel, I am worried that he is in fact pro-Israel. Israel is evil, and being anti-Israel is actually a good thing. We as Americans are supposed to champion human rights and stand against such evil as tyranny and ethnic cleansing, right? Israel was founded upon ethnic cleansing (and so was our country, by the way; we're hypocrites) and continues to this day to tyrannize the Palestinians who weren't cleansed. Israel is truly a brutal apartheid regime, and being anti-Israel is not anti-semitic, it is common decency, which Obama at one time shared. As an Illinios State Senator he was very much pro-Palestinian (even allowing himself to be photographed with Edward Said). Not any more. He has succumbed to AIPAC and now is pretty much their puppet. Obama campaigns on the promise that his rise to power will not compromise who he is. It already has.

Truth be told, I'd rather vote for a Muslim than a Mormon. Next to Mormonism, Islamic Theology, such as it is, appears coherent. Mormonism is the Scientology of the Nineteenth Century. But all this is moot. Obama ain't a Muslim, and I was not gonna vote for him anyway. He is a pothead's notion of a serious candidate. He is a phony.

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