Sunday, February 17, 2008

By the way

I missed mass this morning because of a lack of transportation. There should be a Mass at SIU-E tonight at eight post meridiem. I could hitchhike over there as I have been known to do, but it is very cold, windy, and wet. I could catch pneumonia and die or be stopped by a cop, get into argument with him over the justice of anti-hitchhiking laws, thereby get thrown into jail, where I might well be sodomized by some internet predator seeking a consolation prize. Yeah, I know missing Mass is a mortal sin, but I don't want to die or be buggered. I am going to hell anyway because I refuse to vote for the allegedly pro-life Republicans. So, what's the point? But, all the same, I should go to Mass on the off-chance that Bishops like Burke and Meyers are wrong, and that voting Republican is not the unique path to salvation. But, again, the prospect of death or being anally raped is not a price I am gonna pay. But if anyone is willing to give me a ride to Mass and thereby save my wretched soul, I'll accept. Otherwise, I will stay home and surf for videos of Ann Coulter being gangbanged by the American Enterprise Institute.

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