Monday, January 7, 2008

To all those Good American Christians who think Allah is a false god

(Originally posted on my MySpace Weblog on March 29, 2007)

A great many American Christians since the 9/11 attacks believe as Franklin Graham does that the God of the Koran is a false god, and, therefore, a demon. That is why Islam is wicked and why for the sake of not just our security but also of the very idea of Western Civilization Islam needs to be extirpated and replaced with the one true religion of non-denominational Christianity. Allah can't be the true God, these people say, because Islam denies the Trinity and the divine sonship of Christ. Well, the True God is the Trinity and has Christ as His only-begotten Son. Allah is not triune and is sonless. Therefore, Allah is a false god and, hence, a Satanic piece of lying shit that will wipe us out with nuclear weapons if we don't have the cahones (given by the True God, of course) to wipe it out first.

Okay, so we are fighting this war against demonic Islam for our God-given liberty. But did the true God really give us this liberty? Well, of course, He did. It says right there in our founding document, "The Declaration of Independence", that we are endowed by our creator with inalienable rights in which our American freedom consists.

Really? How do you know that this creator is the True God? Thomas Jefferson wrote the "Declaration of Independence". Thomas Jefferson also denied the divine sonship of Christ and considered the Trinity to be an irrational absurdity. So, if Islam has a false god because its god is non-triune and non-begetting, then the creator-god of Jefferson must be false for the very same reasons.

This means, of course, that our liberty comes from a false god. Our freedom, therefore, is demonic. So, this war on terror, this war for civilization, this epic struggle for the greater glory of American liberty is at bottom a war for the gifts of Satan. Quod erat demonstrandum.

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