Saturday, January 12, 2008

And a post about Larry Craig

(Posted to my MySpace Weblog on September 4, 2007)

Larry Craig is re-considering his decision to resign from the Senate, and most of Cable News is dropping its collective jaw. Sean Hannity is the exception. He's skeptical about that Minneapolis cop's report against Craig. When cops shoot and kill an unarmed darkie, then the poor overworked cops overburdened with the task of protecting our sorry asses have made an honest mistake or the dumb nigger deserved it because he made the mistake of trying to exist. Sean Hannity gets wary about the integrity of our men in blue only when some fellow Republican honkie gets hauled in for trying to get his cock serviced while on the can.

Yeah, well, as much as I despise Sean Hannity and while I do believe that Craig is indeed a perverted family values hypocrite extraordinaire, I applaud his decision to reconsider his resignation and hope he decides not to resign after all. Look, Craig may well be thinking, hey, wait a minute, murdering unborn babies is legal, and I am Satan's spawn for trying to get my cock sucked? How does that work? Even though I voted for the war and am thereby complicit in a war crime, I know that our President lied us into this war. I've been around long enough to know that lying the people into war is as American as Hooters and Union Busting, and the war criminal in chief got re-elected, but I'm the one the angry mob wants stocked? Well, I might like that, actually, but you gotta be kidding me! Hell, Senator Edward Kennedy left a woman to drown, and Massachusetts will re-elect him until the plug is pulled. America wallows in depravity and sin, and I'll be damned if I will go down as its scapegoat along with Paris Hilton. Fuck that shit; I am staying! I will announce my intention to stay on the Senate Floor, and then I will suck Hilary Clinton's cock.

Yeah, the cynic in me hopes that what he is thinking. But the other cynic in me thinks the Bush Administration wants him to stay so that every day the News Cycle will revolve around Craig's evil and shameless hypocrisy while the neo-con cabal declares martial law, re-instates the draft, sends war protesters like me to concentration camps. and triggers World War III in Iran.

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